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Theme: "Strengthening the Ministries of the New Testament Church" - Colossians 1:9-12

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Laymen President Bro. John Cannon


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OCT. 25th– OCT. 27th, 2019 - Ft. Wayne, IN.


"Call all Laymen, their Wives, our Pastors, and your Young Men, see the attached information to sign up for this year’s 9 State Workshop to be held in Ft. Wayne, IN. All the necessary information is contained in the attachments – we are looking at a potential of 700 Delegates to attend this year!! Perspective classes will be sent later"

Remember: I’M LOOKING FOR ALL DISTRICTS PRESIDENTS to again attend this year, especially since 2020 will be here in Ohio. For $175, you get 2 Nights of lodging at a first class hotel, all your meals, and Classes. Excellent opportunity for a nice Spirit-Filled get-a-way for husband and spouse. Our Wives also have their own Luncheon during the period we are out conducting our Street Evangelism services. We want as many Young David/Jr. Laymen to attend also that we can round up
Bro. Marshall Gray, President


Invite your Pastors to attend as many already do – this has grown (from 5 States, to 7 States, now 9 States) into the Largest Regional Workshop in the NBC, USA, Inc. Register now – see registration paper; same procedure as always with papers and funds going to our Financial Sect., Bro. Howard in Dayton.
BRO. PRESIDENTS – GET THE WORD OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!                                                                   

Note:  The last page is their solicitation for personal ads you may want to submit in support.  Bro. Howard will place an ad from the OBGC Laymen, but here’s a place for you to also place an ad in support of the Indiana Laymen, as it will appear in this years booklet.

With the trip this year located in Ft. Wayne, In., No District is too far for the drive.   I will do all I can to make sure everyone who orders a sweat shirt, gets one,  regardless of size!!!  More details will come soon such as Ladies dress colors for their luncheon and the color theme for the Banquet. 

Let me know if anyone has any questions.  Let’s move it gents.

Thanks, from Brother John Cannon, President, OBGC Laymen



Address to Pastors & Moderators:

        Truly God is calling all leaders to be all that He intended in His Churches.  As President of the OBGC Laymen Auxiliary, the Laymen need and solicited the support from Pastors in the following ways:

1.               We encourage every Church in the OBGC to have a vital Men’s Ministry, rather it’s a couple of men or 200, depending on the size of your congregation.  Remember that a Laymen is simply a Man who has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior & is a member of the local church.  Thus regardless of his position in the local congregation (Deacon, Trustee, Choir member, or parking guard), they are Laymen!!  If you do not have such a ministry – let us know and


2.          We truly need the support of Pastors & Moderators.  Yes, being a Pastor is a workload in itself, yet to have a strong Men’s Movement  to assist you helps that workload.  We Need You and Your Support.  Contact your local District Laymen President and lend not only verbal support, but assist him in developing Men.

    Our 4 Year Goal remains the same

(1)  Evangelizing to lost men everywhere, inviting them to have vital relationship with Christ.

(2)  Assisting Churches to have a strong Men Ministry. 

(3)  Development of a Young David/Jr. Laymen Program in every church.  If we don’t train our young men, the streets certainly will.

     Thanks you Pastors, thank you Moderators, and Men – continue to do ministry everywhere you go and may God bless our efforts.  I will see you District Presidents doing each of your Association Laymen Day as I have for the last 4 years (1st Vice President, Bro. Thornton will attend the Northern in my absence as this year my wife and I will be out of the country.)

     Keep checking the web site for more information coming shortly.  Thanks

Sincerely,    John Cannon

 Matthew 6:33

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