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Ohio Baptist General Convention

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Welcome to the Ohio Baptist General Convention Website

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Men of the Ohio Baptist General Convention

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Fellowship - Stewardship - Leadership

Serving the State of Ohio for the Glory of God's Kingdom

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Theme: "Strengthening the Ministries of the New Testament Church" - Colossians 1:9-12

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Parent Body
Church Registration Form    Click Here
Congregational Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) Guidelines

Congregational Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) Application
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Christian Education
Women's Auxiliary
Laymen Auxiliary
OBGC Laymen Annual Partnership Form    Click Here 
OBGC Laymen and Women Supporters Polo Shirt Form    Click Here 
National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.
Laymen Membership, Delegate, Registration and Special Projects Form
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National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.
Jr. Laymen Scholarship Form - 2021
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Young David's - Guide    Click Here 
Young David's Bible Bowl - Rules    Click Here
Young David's Bible Bowl - Sample Questions    Click Here
Youth Auxiliary
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