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Serving the State of Ohio for the Glory of God's Kingdom

Fellowship - Stewardship - Leadership

Serving the State of Ohio for the Glory of God's Kingdom

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Theme: "Strengthening the Ministries of the New Testament Church" - Colossians 1:9-12

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Young David's / Jr. Laymen T raining Material                  


Young David's/Jr. Laymen (YDJL) Manuals/Training Video
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  Without question, the greatest potential of the Black Church today resides in 
  the   group we call “Jr. Laymen”.

  The Jr. Laymen are an important group to the Church and their influential 
  presence is increasingly coming to bear upon our Churches and their “traditional
  ways”. Thus, it is to this age group that Black Christian Pastors, Parents,
  Educators and Youth Workers must quickly turn their attention in order to
  properly address the needs and oversee the growth of Black young men into full
  maturity for the sacred truste of the Christian faith – the Faith of Jesus Christ – 
  sooner or later will pass within their preview.

  And as it does, their manner of handling this sacred trust will become the tell
  tale sing indicating whether their leaders have effectively taught and brought
  them into complete maturity and whether they have spiritually prepared the
  emerging young men to fulfill the Christian charge both in their Church and in
  their generation.

  Without heistation, the question of understanding Jr. Laymen preceeds the
  question of how best to reach and teach them. If we do not understand our 
  young Black men – who they are – the scope of their age range, their
  predominant characteristics, their needs and desires, their manner of thinking
  and living, etc., we will fail to reach them, and those whom we have already
  reached, we will fail to adequately teach. So, at the outset, it is essential and of
  first importaance that we take a fresh and careful look at this growing stage of
  Baptist Junior Laymen.



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